Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Waynesboro

If you are a current client of Animal Hospital of Waynesboro and need to temporarily entrust your pet into someone else’s care, contact us about our cat and dog boarding services. Animal Hospital of Waynesboro offers a clean, safe, and comfortable space where both dogs and cats can receive attentive care from our team and medical attention (if needed) from our veterinarians.

At this time, pet boarding services are only available for established clients.

Looking for a capable team to manage your pet’s needs while you’re away? 

Cat and Dog Boarding in Waynesboro, VA
Dog boarding area at our animal hospital

Features of Our Cat and Dog Boarding Facilities

We aim to keep our guests comfortable and occupied as much as possible while they’re with us.

  • Each guest always has fresh water nearby and clean, stainless-steel bowls
  • Soft, clean bedding is replaced daily
  • Dogs and cats have a separate boarding wing to help reduce stress
  • Cat condos include a shelf to perch on and a separate area for their litter box
  • All dog runs have Plexiglass doors for looking out
  • We have an outdoor, fenced yard where dogs can stretch their legs and get some exercise during their stay
  • We offer post-op boarding and medical boarding for pets with chronic health issues

What You Can Bring

Our animal hospital provides quality food to prevent stomach upset in dogs and cats. However, if your pet is on a specific diet for their health, please bring it along. Food should be stored in a sealed container, such as Tupperware or a Ziploc bag.

If your pet takes medication, bring it in its original container(s). Both food and medication need to be labeled with your pet’s full name and clear instructions. Finally, let us know if your pet has a particular feeding and medication schedule—it’s important that their daily routine remains unchanged.

Vaccines Required Before Cat and Dog Boarding

Are your pet’s vaccinations updated? Be sure to check in advance of your pet’s boarding date.


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)


  • Rabies

If you have any questions about cat or dog boarding, just call (540) 943-3081.

Relaxed dog boarding at our animal hospital