Wellness Exams for Pets in Waynesboro, VA

Snuggles and extra treats certainly make pets happy, but the best way to show your pet you love them is to be proactive about keeping them healthy. Animal Hospital of Waynesboro’s mission is to help you and your pet have as many years together as possible. Therefore, it takes a joint effort between you and our team to manage your pet’s health. Keeping up with their wellness exams and preventive medicine is what pet wellness care is all about.


The Different Facets of Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness care is comprehensive. That means it includes a variety of services and treatments that, together, create a complete healthcare program for your pet:

  • Routine physical exams where we check your pet’s vitals and everything else from nose to tail
  • Disease and parasite screening via blood and fecal testing
  • Vaccinations to increase your pet’s immunity to harmful diseases
  • Parasite prevention to protect your pet from parasite infestations and infections
  • A discussion about your pet’s behaviors, diet, activity level, and any health concerns you have
  • Additional treatments to address any issues we may have found during the exam

Age-Related Medicine

Pets' health needs vary in many ways, including by age.

Puppies and kittens must see their veterinarian frequently for checkups, deworming, and vaccinations to help them build up their strength and immunity to disease. The care they receive early on sets the groundwork for their health in the future.

Adult pets do best with maintenance care, which includes annual exams, vaccinations, and disease and parasite screens. The goal is to get your adult pet to their ideal condition and maintain that status for as long as possible.

Senior pets often have specific needs to help them manage conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, arthritis, and kidney disease. It is perfectly possible to give your senior pet a better quality of life with proper medical care. Our team needs to monitor their health more closely with more frequent exams and diagnostics.

Veterinarian with a dog during a wellness exam
Dalmatian puppy running outside: Pet Wellness Care in Waynesboro

The Pet Parasite Problem

Parasites are a big issue for our pets. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are active for just about the entire year. These pests can spread serious diseases to dogs and cats, and occasionally humans. With proper control, you can reduce disease risks and prevent harmful infestations.

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